About Us

Ready to join the ranks of our successful and dedicated member growers? Every member, regardless of size, has a voice in the decisions that impact the future of the American grown pistachio industry. 


Several times a year, we bring together the American pistachio industry for continuing education, networking and inspiration. Our American Pistachio Conference attracts more than 1,000 members and businesses for workshops, trade interaction and motivational speakers.
APG’s strength is the ability to unify hundreds of pistachio growers in order to present one strong voice to both State and Federal Legislatures. We work diligently to ensure fair trade, favorable regulations, a reliable water supply and other issues you may face.

Opportunity abounds at APG to expand your expertise and develop leadership skills. Educational seminars, information dissemination to members, and the industry’s only leadership development program, LeadOn, are designed to give you valuable information.


Only APG currently funds research in multiple countries, targeting the specific health interests of consumers and health professionals in each country. Working with respected research institutions, the peer-reviewed science is then used as the basis of all APG media outreach and promotion.


APG conducts advertising and public relations activities in prioritized international markets to build demand for your product ahead of supply. The goal of our promotional plan is to increase sales, establish U.S. product as the consumer and manufacturing preferred origin, and raise awareness of their unique health benefits.

In partnership with the California Pistachio Research Board, APG has funded pistachio research projects for over ten years. This program began with a focus on production research but has evolved into four distinct research programs: entomology, horticulture, pathology and education.


APG is governed by a democratically elected board of directors who are growers and is funded entirely by growers and independent processors with the shared goal of increasing global awareness of nutritious, American-grown pistachios.

Determines appropriate level of reserves. Reviews audit procedures and guidelines. Reviews budget plan and forecasting and may provide assessment recommendation as well as other finance issues.
Government Policies & Partnerships

Reviews and develops recommendations on legislative and regulatory issues, tax, tariff and trade, unfair trade orders, food safety, Farm Bill, pesticide use and registrations, foreign Maximum Residue Level (MRL), worker health and safety, labor, and other issues related to the production, processing, shipping and sale of pistachios. Also examines opportunities for accessing and participating in various programs, such as Specialty Block Grants, Technical Assistance for Specialty Crops, Farm Bill programs and/or other programs that would benefit the organization in furthering its cause, or for the benefit of APG members.

Leadership Program
Assists in the development and implementation of APG’s Annual Leadership Program. Considers fund-raising opportunities to fund the program.
Marketing Communications
Reviews and approves Domestic and International marketing and PR programs of APG. Also oversees Market Access Program (MAP) development and implementation. Also focuses on Crisis Communication and other communications that are external to the organization related to specific topics of concern. Considers consumer research projects, such as usage and attitude surveys, focus groups and other types of consumer related research.
Nutrition Research

A Sub-Committee of Marketing Communications

Reviews and approves potential nutritional research projects, as recommended by APG’s Nutrition Consultant.
Membership Services
Focuses on membership development, grower relations and processor relations. Deals with communications that are internal to the organization, such as newsletters, bulletins, memos and other topics of special interest. Evaluates promotional needs and efforts. Also, oversees development and implementation of Annual U.S. Pistachio Industry Conference, including its location, educational content, sponsorship, events, etc. Guides development of industry Annual Report as prepared by APG.