Advocacy Efforts

American Pistachio Growers is the American pistachio industry’s strongest presence within our capital and we are energetically advocating for the policy interests that affect our community of members on an international, federal, state and local level.

Our efforts are powered by American policies that have the potential to advance the pistachio industry’s growers, processors and industry suppliers. Advocacy efforts include:

  • Media Relations – APG is a source for journalists from local, regional and national media as well as trade press, working to ensure that policymakers and the public understand the issues. APG members, leadership and staff are continuously involved in aggressive media outreach efforts.
  • Legislative Leadership – APG represents the industry before Congress, the Administration, and all federal and state agencies, maintaining relationships and open dialogue on the importance of American-grown pistachios in the nation’s economy.
  • Political Action Committee – The American Pistachio PAC creates avenues for member involvement in achieving and maintaining a pro-agriculture, pro-pistachio Congress.
  • International – We educate members on international practices and monitor policy developments that affect American-grown pistachio trade internationally.
  • American-Grown Pistachios – We promote the economic and nutritional benefits of American-grown pistachios and we advocate for sound federal policies to ensure a robust American pistachio production and increase trade opportunities.

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