Board of Directors

American Pistachio Growers Board of Directors hail from member growers, bringing a diverse range of knowledge, perspective and experience to guide and drive long-term value to the association. The Board of Directors is composed of 18 members, each who serves a term of three years. Board members may serve up to two consecutive terms. Board members are elected by APG grower members.

2018 American Pistachio Growers Board of Directors Group
2018 Board of Directors

2019 Newly Elected Board of Directors Announced

Members of American Pistachio Growers elected three new members to the 2019 Board of Directors.

Ali Amin

Primex Farms, CA

Danielle Kusmak

Tularosa Pistachio Growers, NM

Steve Moore

Steve Moore Farms, CA
2019 Board of Directors

Ali Amin, Primex Farms, CA
Steve Burcham, Gage Farms, CA
Mia Cohen, Setton Farms, CA
Rudy Hernandez, Five Star Harvesting, CA
Danielle Kusmak, Tularosa Pistachio Groves, NM
Steve Moore, Steve Moore Farms, CA
Alison Nagatani, C. Nagatani Farms, CA
James Nichols, Nichols Farms, CA
Adam Orandi, Adam Orandi Orchards, CA

Dominic Pitigliano, Pitigliano Farms, CA
Sharon Roden, Roden Farms, CA
Gabriella Sandrini, R.B. Sandrini Farms, CA
Richard Searle, Searle Ranch, AZ
Gary Smith, Ingleby Farms, CA
Brian Watte, Brian Watte Farms, CA
Dennis Woods, Woods Family Farms, CA
Justin Wylie, Wylie Farms, CA
Jim Zion, Meridian Growers, CA