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The 2020 pistachio crop will be remembered for many years as the year growers surpassed one billion pounds of production. In about 40 years, we have grown from a mere one million pounds to one billion; a record no other crop can match. For the 2020/2021 marketing year, demand for pistachios is forecasted to be strong. You deserve the good news and the outstanding return on your investment.

Over the years you have experienced numerous federal pistachio programs to assist the U.S. pistachio industry. Most recently, you have benefited from the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program 2 and the China Market Facilitation Program. Anti-dumping and countervailing duty programs have been of vital importance to our pistachio industry. Other federal programs that have supported your pistachio investment are: the $6 million navel orangeworm program (soon to be $8 million), agriculture research, foreign market facilitation (MAP), and many more programs. Without these federal programs, the development of your pistachio industry would have been even more challenging.

We are fortunate to have Congressional leaders interested in your pistachio investment. They have worked to make the aforementioned programs possible without being recognized for their success. To support the Congressional efforts, American Pistachio Growers has provided a preeminent government relations program, and part of its effectiveness has been made possible by the strong Pistachio PAC. Your support will help maintain our industry’s strength within the halls of Congress. In the 117th Congress, there will be numerous Representatives and Senators that the Pistachio PAC will need to educate. The Pistachio PAC helps educate the Members of Congress on the U.S. pistachio industry, and with the recent changes to Congress, we need your support even more now.

There are two ways to give:

    1. By completing the form below OR
    2. By mailing a personal check made payable to the “Pistachio PAC” (no corporate checks) to American Pistachio Growers; 9 River Park Place East, Suite 410; Fresno, CA 93720.

If you have contributed $5,000 to the Pistachio PAC in 2020, you are prohibited to contribute until January 1, 2021.

It is important to stress two rule points for political contributions:

    1. Contributions CANNOT be drawn from corporate funds and are NOT tax-deductible.
    2. Partnership funds are permissible, so long as none of the partners is a corporation. If the contribution is from a partnership, a list of all the partners must be provided.

You have a substantial investment in your pistachio operation, and part of your investment should be in the Pistachio PAC. The Pistachio PAC has been the most successful PAC for the U.S. pistachio industry, and our goal is to become even more effective. We urge you to give whatever you can. No contribution is too little. Please take this opportunity to send your contribution today.


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