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What is LeadOn? LeadOn is a year-long program (which will be held virtually for 2021) designed to provide a unique experience, consisting of leadership training and industry education seminars led by APG and industry leaders, hands-on educational opportunities that build upon the knowledge base provided by seminar presenters, field experience and a firsthand view of how the Committees/Board work. What do you do?

Industry Overview Learn about APG's make-up and role in the pistachio industry, industry information (acreage, issues, future), goals & requirements of the program. PROGRAM DETAILS SCROLL FOR MORE Orchard Management, Environmental Stewardship, Sustainability, Food Quality & Safety Understand farming practices, environmental issues related to production, pest management, sustainability, water availability, community relations, equipment, record keeping, etc. PROGRAM DETAILS SCROLL FOR MORE Processing Learn Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and about Food Quality and Safety (FQ&S). Understand how pistachios are processed (hulling/drying, grades, forms), what equipment is used, record keeping, sampling, inspections and transportation. PROGRAM DETAILS SCROLL FOR MORE Marketing & Nutrition Discover APG strategies by country and category, position/market analysis, reputation management, sales (wholesale, retail), advertising, image, etc. Discuss nutritional research and healthy attributes of pistachios and related technical issues. Media training will be conducted with participants. PROGRAM DETAILS SCROLL FOR MORE Global Trade & Technical Issues Understand regulations and tariffs, shipping and receiving protocol, inspections and certifications, and negotiations. Learn the importance of special interest groups, USDA, FDA, CDFA, etc. PROGRAM DETAILS SCROLL FOR MORE Leadership Training Discover your leadership style and how to implement effective management in your business and commodity organization. PROGRAM DETAILS SCROLL FOR MORE Government Relations Gain knowledge and understanding of legislative and regulatory process at the State and Federal levels. Learn about APG’s involvement and activities in those areas. PROGRAM DETAILS SCROLL FOR MORE Board Governance and Committees Learn all aspects of being a successful Board/Committee member, roles and responsibilities, legal considerations, financial responsibilities and strategies for a high-performing Board/Committee. Am I eligible to join? PROGRAM DETAILS

PARTICIPANTS MUST: Be an APG member/processor in good standing for the current crop year Operate in the state of California, New Mexico or Arizona Be employed in the industry for at least one year One applicant per grower/processor entity (including all related entities) Full support of employer to participate Completion of application form for consideration Commit to attend 100% of all scheduled meetings in person

Apply Today THE FUTURE RESTS WITH THE NEXT GENERATION Applications for the upcoming program must be submitted by March 8th for the April start date. APPLY FOR THE NEXT LEADON CLASS

MEET OUR 2019 LEADON CLASS Fiddyment Farms Edwin Abarca Cody Baker Primex Farms LLC Susie Borges Borges Farms Klytia Burcham Gage Farms Samantha Ens Touchstone Pistachio Christian Janzen Horizon Nut Company Ronnie Koetsier Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella Jacob Kroeker Kroeker Ag Teagan Kroll Green Leaf Ag Tiffany Ortolan Brian Watte Farms Mary-Alice Nichols Nichols Farms Venesa Rodriguez JTI Electrical & Instrumentation Lilian Saravia ARO Pistachios Inc. Ryan Scagliotti Fiddyment Farms