The story of the American pistachio is one of unparalleled success. From the first harvest in 1976 of 1.5 million pounds – to the largest harvest of over 900 million pounds, American pistachios are number one in global production.

American Pistachio Growers was founded in 1989 by a few visionary pistachio farmers who recognized the benefits of banding together to strengthen their influence in the industry. Today, APG is the collective voice of more than 800 members across the country and the only non-profit trade association for the American pistachio industry.

By becoming a member, you’re ensuring the economic viability of American-grown pistachios across the globe. It also means that you’re investing in nutrition & health research, global promotion, grower education, production research, legislative advocacy and leadership development for the next generation. Benefits of being a member include:

  • Discounts on registration fees – Members receive discounted rates to the annual American Pistachio Conference, workshops, courses and many more.
  • A seat at the table – Membership in APG ensures that you have the opportunity to be heard on issues specific to you.
  • Education and information – Receive immediate access to invaluable benchmarketing data, nutrition research, case studies, production research, leadership development, monthly e-news brief and more.
  • Your voice – Our government relations team is active on Capitol Hill educating Members of Congress about the vital role the American pistachio industry plays in our economy – and what it needs to thrive.
  • Peer-to-peer connections – We believe that your peers are the best sounding boards and mentors for collaboration. Connect with them using our member directory and online social network.

Joining American Pistachio Growers is a wise investment and it could make the difference for the future of your family farm. If you’re ready to join over 800 of your pistachio peers, become a member of American Pistachio Growers by completing the online application today.



Includes owners of land with bearing and/or non-bearing pistachio acreage



Non-grower entities, industry affiliates or individuals interested in supporting APG