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American Pistachio Growers is a voluntary trade association that works on behalf of growers to advance the American pistachio industry through research, promotion, advocacy, and programs that directly benefit our members.  Regardless of size, every pistachio grower has an opportunity to have an equal voice at the table in making the important decisions that shape the direction of the industry.  Growers that elect to join American Pistachio Growers should contact to learn more about the APG member processors, the services they offer, and a list of member processor contacts. 

Bearing member assessments are collected each year at harvest through your APG member processor(s), and those funds go directly into shaping the future of the pistachio industry.  Non-bearing members receive the same benefit as bearing members, because like you, we know that protecting your investment from day one is vital for our collective future as an industry.  Non-bearing membership is $5 per acre, with a $250 cap per year.

Visit the “About Us” tab to learn more about the many ways American Pistachio Growers work on behalf of the American pistachio industry growers.

Associate Membership
$500.00 / year
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$0.00 / year
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$250.00 / year
Joining American Pistachio Growers is a wise investment and it could make the difference for the future of your family farm. If you’re ready to join over 800 of your pistachio peers, become a member of American Pistachio Growers by completing the online application today.