American Pistachio Growers Leadership Program

To educate and motivate diverse industry members into becoming future leaders of the U.S. pistachio industry and American Pistachio Growers.

Who Should Apply?

American Pistachio Growers (APG) is looking for motivated individuals with a vested interest in the U.S. pistachio industry to guide the industry into the future. These future leaders will learn about all aspects of the U.S. pistachio industry and the important role that APG, its committees and Board play in overseeing the well-being of this growing specialty crop industry and its constituents. The future of the U.S. pistachio industry rests in the hands of the next generation.

Leadership Training

Pistachio Industry Education

The APG LeadOn Program is a year-long program designed to provide a unique experience, consisting of leadership training and industry education seminars led by APG and industry leaders, hands-on educational opportunities that build upon the knowledge base provided by seminar presenters, field experience and a firsthand view of how the Committees/Board work, in order to prepare participants for Committee/Board selection. LeadOn is an educational and professional development program and should not be utilized to solicit business and/or for personal gain.

Program Details

Leadership training and industry education seminars:

  • Participants engage in hands-on educational activities that build upon the knowledge base gleaned from seminar topics.
  • Participants sit in on selected APG Board and Committee meetings.
  • Introduction and receipt of a certificate of completion (graduation) at an awards ceremony held during the 2023 APG industry conference.

Program Outcome:

Program Goals

The goal is for participants to graduate from the program with:
  • The knowledge, skills, and confidence to provide capable APG leadership and committee leadership to the American pistachio industry in the future, following closely in the footsteps of today’s quality committee and APG Board members.
  • A well-rounded education in the American pistachio industry from “farm to fork”.
  • Enhanced understanding of issues facing the pistachio industry today and in the future.
  • A wide range of professional contacts within the industry
    Increase visibility in one of the Western state’s most successful Ag industries; and a valuable addition to a professional resume.

Cost to Participant:

Cost to participate in the APG leadership program is $500. This fee covers a portion of the cost for tours, educational activities, educational materials and meals.


For grower members traveling from out of state, the LeadOn scholarship will cover airfare and rental car (if necessary) to be reimbursed and not exceeding $750 (per event). If participation requires a hotel overnight stay, APG will reimburse the cost not to exceed $100 (per event).

Approximate Time Investment:

Total Hours
Committee Meeting
Training Seminars
Industry Tours
Pistachio Industry Conference

Eligibility Requirements:

  • APG member/processor in good standing for the crop year 2022-23 (per APG Bylaws).
  • Operates in the state of California, New Mexico and Arizona.
  • Must have been employed in the pistachio industry for at least one year.
  • One applicant per grower/processor entity (including all related entities).
  • Full support of employer to participate in required activities.
  • Completion of application form for consideration by APG.
  • Participants must commit to attending 100% of all scheduled meetings in person.

How to apply:

Application for the LeadOn Program

The goal is for participants to graduate from the program with:

Candidates must complete an application form to be considered to participate in the program as well as fill out the eligibility requirements. The program requires a minimum of 12 participants each year. Candidate applications will be evaluated and reviewed by a selection committee consisting of LeadOn Committee members and/or LeadOn alumni and APG staff.

Please download the application, complete and submit using the form below or email the final version to Hannah Doyle at HDoyle@AmericanPistachios.org or call (559) 475-0435 for further questions.

Applications for the 2024 LeadOn Program are due by March 1, 2024.

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